Our Portfolio

We are continuously finding ‘Edges’ that gives our members the  ‘value’ that everybody is talking about. This means we have created a portfolio of proven Edges and several trading strategies to make profit out of these Edges.

The FootballEdgeFinders bring football statistics to a different level. We crunch the numbers, compile our own datasets, and feed them into our Football Edge Finder software. We secure continuous innovation in the world of football betting and trading, and as a result, we know the odds – compared to the actual chance of happening – on a more accurate base.

The Edges

A so-called Edge is the “formula” to continuously finding value in the trading markets. With our Premium subscription u can access our proven Edges. U will learn about what these Edges are, when they occur  and how u can take advantage of them in your trading strategy.

Profitable trading strategies

Once u have choosing your Edge u can have a look into our portfolio of proven profitable trading strategies. U can see the current profit on a regular base and customize your own trading strategy.


With our Premium subscription u can access our key-indicators of our proven Edges and trading strategies. These indicators show u all the information u need to have the maximum trading advantage.

Discipline: don’t get busted with an Edge!

Trading is all about discipline: executing your trading strategy with laser precision. Be aware that our achieved results in the past offer no guarantees for the future. But more than this read our article “Busted with an Edge” carefully cause at the end the trader is fully responsible for his results!


Monitize the Edge and start making Profit!

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Our Edges are for Premium Members only!

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Our Portfolio Insights

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the current portfolio are four known Edges available. Also have we created three trading strategies to monetize the Edges.

An Edge is a “formula” that gives u the real value of the current trading markets based on the odds – compared to the actual chance of happening.

A trading strategy is described a s your staking plan to monetize the edge and make profit. Read the Busted with an Edge article for more details.

Our complete portfolio is available to Premium Members only.