TheBettingGuy – Betting Expert or Entertainer?

Podcasts are growing in popularity. People can instantly listen to their favorite shows at the convenience of their own schedule. For those who are not familiar with this form of digital audio, simply look at it as radio on demand.

In this article, I would like to introduce a new phenomenon in the Football Betting Podcast community. A rising star who has built a wide audience (referred to as the “Betting Nation”) with 20.000 downloads a month. Lately, prominent guests out of the betting industry are invited on the podcast, making it one of the most interesting programs about football betting and trading. The person in charge is Dean Booty, alias TheBettingGuy. You can find him on Twitter (@DeanBettingGuy ) or at his website (

I am following TheBettingGuy for a while now. I simply LOVE his podcasts. He is an amazing character, telling the most entertaining stories about his past life as a bookmaker, his family (the Misses, and his two little terrors, as he usually refers to his wife Claire and his lovely two boys, Zak and Kay), and the current self-storage business he is running in Beverly, Great Britain.

Dean is fascinated with football and horseracing. He does a tremendous effort in pre-match and pre-race analysis to make up his mind, before conveying his advice to the Betting Nation to place a bet. In the whole process, he is genuinely honest, transparent and that makes him far more than a mere tipster.

However, the inevitable question comes to mind. How good is TheBettingGuy in terms of his predictions?

On an important note, the figures presented in this article only take his last 100 Premier League (season 2017-2018) bets into account.


Dean’s edge comes with his knowledge of the Premier League and the significant effort he puts in pre-match analyses. He works with a point system (with a stake £50/point), reflecting his confidence in a certain outcome of a match. There is no money management system known.

The following graph shows the usage of points. The average is around 4.5pt/match. In total, Dean spent 451 points over his last 100 bets.

The next table shows the Top 5 betting markets Dean uses for his bets. A betting market is any specific category within a sporting event that a customer can place a bet on.


Now the key question:

Is TheBettingGuy profitable?


Let’s have a look at his equity curve. An equity curve is the graphical representation of the change in the value of a trading account over a certain period of time, in this case 100 bets.


Betting Nation, I have AWESOME news for you. Dean, alias TheBettingGuy is a betting expert! He made 28 points profit with an initial investment of 451 points. A Return on Investment (ROI) of 6%.

The equity curve shows a slow start in the first 40 bets, then it takes a steep slope up, stabilizes, going up again and finally it makes a steep curve downwards. The root-cause of the last downward curve is directly connected to the bad performance of his last two Premier League rounds. There were some unexpected results, against all statistics in the league.

(Taken the last two rounds out of the equation, the Return on Investment would be 18%.


Some betting advice for Dean

There are a few major contributors to his losses. Big bleeders are the Away to Win (64% loss), Win to Nil (4 losses, and only 1 win) and Under 2.5 goals (3 losses, no wins) responsible for a loss of 64 points in total. If TheBettingGuy stops betting on Win to Nil and Under 2.5 goals, while making a selection improvement on the Away to Win market, he will be able to boost his profits with approx. 10%.


Dean, I hope you are happy with the results; I am looking forward to the 2018-2019 EPL season of TheBettingGuy!