How to impress your friends with a winning bet?

Watching football is always more fun with your friends. On an ordinary Saturday afternoon, it’s one of life’s unexpected small pleasures, something many of us are looking forward to during the week.
With screens pretty much everywhere you look, most pubs show every televised Premier League game, while featuring a strong food and drink menu. The atmosphere of a shared passion makes every football match a memorable experience.

Arguing with your friends about who will win football games is as old as time itself. So is sports betting with the bookmakers. Even sweeter is taking money off your mates, especially when you can slag them off about it afterwards!


How do you select a banker bet?


There is nothing as a sure bet. However you can increase your chances by knowing more of the match than your friends. Here is where our Football Edge Finder comes into play.

A quick look at our Football Edge Finder already gives you a head start. With a glimpse of an eye, you can easily exclude certain outcomes because they are very unlikely to happen. Bear in mind that your friends will bet out of emotion or what they ‘believe’ is going to happen, while you take advantage of the statistics. Remember, stats don’t lie.


– Bet on goals, rather than a Win or Correct Score. A lot can happen in a football match. From penalties to red cards, from star player injuries to hitting the woodwork many times. Or what about a goalkeeper mistake?
– Select a different market. For example, the Win + Both Teams To Score market is an interesting market. Suppose your friends predict a Home Win and your stats show a high chance on a visitor goal. Odds will easily be boosted from 1.5 to 3, so if it is worth the risk, you will win twice as much as your friends.
– Half Time Draw. You will be surprised how many games are draw at half time. A quick look in Football Edge Finder gives you those teams that have this particular behavior. Middle ranked teams have a high chance on a half time draw, but also Top teams when playing away.
– Cards. If you know the stats, it will be amazing to see that over and over again the same team receives the cards. It highly depends on the referee though, but the right combination will hit the jackpot!


Next time you will definitely impress your friends with a winning bet!