Super Sunday – A Beer and a Bet

Sunday afternoon, an hour before kick-off. While reading the latest Premier League news on my iPad, I keep an eye on the team line-ups. No surprises. I sink in my lazy chair and take a first sip of my beer. On TV Gary Lineker does a preview of the Match of the Day.
It is time to add a spark of excitement in the game. Just a few quid to raise adrenaline levels while watching my favourite sport. I log into my online bookmaker account and place a ten-pound wager on today’s match. I am sure it will end in a home victory.

Sports betting has a long history in popularity. Already in ancient Rome, emperors were predicting outcomes of sports events as one of their favourite pastimes. In recent years, online gambling is becoming a bigger and bigger business, reaching every corner of the globe. Laws have been relaxed, in such a way that watching sports on television often looks like an advertising channel for the gambling industry.

There are different ways to look at sports betting. It is definitely not a fast and easy way to get rich. Even though many people have in-depth knowledge about football, the vast majority will simply lose money in the end. Only a very few bettors can make a living out of their gambling. From that perspective, and probably the best way to look at sports betting in general, is to approach it as a form of entertainment. And in case you play it smart and a bit disciplined, you can make a profit, giving you a ticket opportunity to watch and enjoy the live stadium action.