The Beauty of Doubles

Doubles are bets consisting of two selections, both of which must win to gain a return. Since the odds are multiplied, it creates the potential for larger profits at the expense of increased risk. On the contrary, one losing selection will ruin the bet.

I use doubles mainly in the Double Chance and Draw No Bet markets. And only for those matches where Football Edge Finder shows a higher probability of winning than the odds being offered at the bookies or the Exchange. Also here, in essence, it is about judging probabilities more correctly than the market does.

The idea of this approach is to rule out the traditional three-way market, covering multiple outcomes of a football match while keeping a positive risk-reward ratio. It will be more profitable than odds-on single bets, because the first wager winning is played into the second selection to give a higher profit.


The FIRST leg of the double:


IK Start – Strømsgodset

10 June 2018


Two bottom ranked teams in a 6-pointer clash. Football Edge Finder gives the following statistics:


IK Start


From a home record perspective, IK Start performed reasonable well. Two narrow losses against Brann and Haugesund (2 top ranked teams), a 1-6 loss against Valerenga HOWEVER, the home team received a red card already the fifth minute of the match, and an unfortunate loss against Sandjeford where IK Start hit 2 times the woodwork.




Strømsgodset doesn’t perform too well when travelling. Four losses, a draw and a victory in their first away match of the season.

The Match Odds: The Double Chance Odds:



From a statistical perspective, Home or Draw is great value for the first leg in the double.



The SECOND leg of the double:


Tromsø – Rosenborg

11 June 2018


Tromsø, a middle ranked team with a strong home record playing against Rosenborg, a top ranked team that is kind of struggling on the road.




Tromsø has a strong home record, apart from the loss against Lillestrom they have won 5 and played one draw. Next to that they scored 15 goals, and conceded only 4 goals




Rosenborg’s away record shows one loss, one draw and 4 wins, however these wins were very close (3x 0-1, and 1x 1-2). They have scored 6 goals away from home and conceded 3 goals.


The Match Odds: The Double Chance Odds:



Given Football Edge Finder’s statistics, it looks good value to back a home win or draw. So now are ready for the double.





IK Start – Strømsgodset

Tromsø – Rosenborg

Odds = 3.56



The Nettavisen Sport reported:


Kjetil Rekdal fikk med seg ett poeng i debuten som Start-trener, men han er klar på at søndagens motstander er langt bedre enn hva tabellposisjonen tilsier



Hjemmelaget Tromsø overrasket og vant fortjent hjemme mot Rosenborg




Football Edge Finder spotted a winner. Where each of the bets separately had a low risk-reward ratio, the double boosted the odds to a tasty 3.56, meaning a €10 bet will deliver a €25.60 profit.

There is no need to place Doubles with a bookmaker. Just make sure the selected matches do not overlap in date and time, so the selection can be placed at the Exchange one after the other. Another advantage is the possibility to manage liabilities, especially if the intended result looks to swinging away from your control.

On a last note, in case a bookmaker is used and one of the matches ends in a draw, the particular selection will be a void and the initial stake moves to the remaining selection as a single bet.