Due to the early season ending of most of our popular football trading leagues did not have new data for our current edges. For the month of June trading was mainly done within the current World Cup matches. These volumes were amazing! and odds were going up and down like rollercoasters.

We are looking to July when the important football leagues will start and will feed our season 2018-2019 edges:

On the 20-21 of July Swiss Super League and Swiss Challenge Competition will start the season. Where we hope that Challenge Competition will continue the amazing contribution to our Match odds Edge. Also the important Friday night league France Domino’s Ligue 2 will start at the last weekend of the month. Less significant but not un discovered the Poland Ekstraklasa will start the same weekend.

We are looking forward to an exciting start of the new season with a lot of new Edge for us to Find! Stay tuned and subscribe on our premium subscription to follow and profitable or statistics.


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