Our Trading Strategies

Our trading strategies are based on risk level divided in 3 systems: Conservative, Progressive and Reactive.

All strategies are visualized in a number of key-indicators which gives you all insights of the permanence but also the necessary information to customize your trading system. Each Trading Strategie has its own page and there u will find the following information:

General Trading Strategy Parameters:

Our general trading strategy parameters include: Trading Strategy description,  Capital risk at trade, Initial Bank, Expected Number of Trades, and the Risk Rate.


Graphical Trading Strategy Performance:

Our graphical trading strategy performances include:  Profit in % and Profit ABS in Euro’s.


Key indicators:

Our key indicators monitoring the trading strategy performance include: Profit,  Risk to reward, Number of Trades, Current Bank,  Market Volume.


Frequently Asked Questions:

The most important questions u may have on the Edge are presented.



The most relevant insights such as news, articles, tutorials and videos on the trading strategies are presented.


NOTE: The graphics and key performance indicators of the Trading Strategies are updated Monthly or if needed weekly on Tuesdays. Once a month a more detailed trading update will be provided on the website.

Execute our Strategies and make Profit!

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Our Trading Strategies are for Premium Members only!

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Average ROI:

[kleo_animate_numbers animation="animate-when-almost-visible" timer="3000" font_size="30" font_weight="bold" el_class="center"]41[/kleo_animate_numbers] %

Profit: €3.176,-

[kleo_button title=”Learn more…” href=”http://www.thefootballedgefinders.com/conservative/” style=”primary” position=”center” size=”sm” icon=”forward”]


Average ROI:

[kleo_animate_numbers animation="animate-when-almost-visible" timer="3000" font_size="30" font_weight="bold" el_class="center"]62[/kleo_animate_numbers] %

Profit: €9.138,-

[kleo_button title=”Learn more…” href=”http://www.thefootballedgefinders.com/progresive” style=”primary” position=”center” size=”sm” icon=”forward”]


Average ROI:

[kleo_animate_numbers animation="animate-when-almost-visible" timer="3000" font_size="30" font_weight="bold" el_class="center"]64[/kleo_animate_numbers] %

Profit: €7.224,-

[kleo_button title=”Learn more…” href=”http://www.thefootballedgefinders.com/reactive” style=”primary” position=”center” size=”sm” icon=”forward”]

Our Trading Strategy Insights

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer 3 trading strategies for our proven Edges: Conservative, Progressive and Reactive. All our statistics and profits are based on a 5 euro stake each trade.

The limitation on the amount of the stake is depending on the in-trade volume of the bookmaker. One other thing to keep in mind is your banking! Don’t put money on the stake streak that u don’t have and don’t get busted with an Edge!

As an independent organization, we do not recommend any specific bookmaker. Our members are free to use their own exhange markets i.e. Betfair, Betnaq or matchbook. It is highly recommended to use more than one bookmaker to have the best value for your transactions due to possible small volume markets.